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  • [Linux] [Slackware] [Dovecot] Dovecot インストール(1) - Slackware 12.1

    $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/dovecot-1.1.10
    $ ln -s /usr/local/dovecot-1.1.10/ /usr/local/dovecot
    $ cp /usr/local/dovecot/etc/dovecot-example.conf /usr/local/dovecot/etc/dovecot.conf
    $ /usr/local/dovecot/sbin/dovecot
    Error: Login user doesn't exist: dovecot
    Fatal: Invalid configuration in /usr/local/dovecot-1.1.10/etc/dovecot.conf


    $ useradd -d /dev/null -s /bin/false dovecot
    $ /usr/local/dovecot/sbin/dovecot
    Warning: Last died with error (see error log for more information): Auth process died too early - shutting down


    $ tail /var/log/maillog
    dovecot: dovecot v1.1.10 starting up (core dumps disabled)
    dovecot: Fatal: auth(default): Unknown passdb driver 'pam' (typo, or Dovecot was built without support for it? Check with dovecot --build-options)
    dovecot: Fatal: Auth process died too early - shutting down


    $ /usr/local/dovecot/sbin/dovecot --build-options
    Build options: ioloop=epoll notify=inotify ipv6
    Mail storages: maildir mbox dbox cydir raw
    SQL drivers:
    Passdb: checkpassword passwd passwd-file shadow
    Userdb: nss passwd passwd-file prefetch static

    よくわからないけど、調べてみたところdovecot.confのpassdb pam {という行をshadowに変更しろということらしいので、試してみたところようやく起動した。